About the First Nations University of Canada

fnuclogoThe First Nations University of Canada is Canada's only First Nations controlled university-college. The College began operation in 1976 with an initial enrolment of fewer than 10 students and has grown to its current enrolment of over 1,300 students. 

FNUC offers a wide range of degree, diploma and certificate programs. In the late 1980s in response to business and community needs, a Department of Science and a School of Business and Public Administration were established. One of the more recent program developments is the First Nations Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, established in l995 in conjunction with the University of Saskatchewan. SIFC also operates the National School of Dental Therapy, which graduates dental therapists who are subsequently employed in First Nations and remote communities throughout Canada.

First Nation University of Canada's partnership with the University of Regina is unique among First Nations post-secondary institutions.  First Nations University of Canada's students and U of R student benefit greatly from cross-cultural learning and awareness and each year with over 500 U of R students take classes at First Nations University of Canada.


A Commitment to First Nations Veterans

The First Nations University of Canada believes that higher education is the cornerstone that empowers First Nations to move forward and impact the future in positive and creative ways. We also believe that the since this institution is unique in that the University is the first and only administered University in Canada.  This would present an opportunity for the University to showcase and acknowledge the bravery of our aboriginal veterans who have served our communities and country.  

The First Nations University of Canada is now at a point in its history where our current facility is incomplete and is neither efficient nor effective in acknowledging our passing veterans. The surviving veterans have tasked the University with erecting the Veterans Memorial Glass Tipi, in front of the First Nations University of Canada's Regina campus. The facility will include space for greatly needed promotional venue's and dignitary or quest receptions and first and foremost recognition for our fallen and current warriors.

The Memorial Tipi will be designed to meet the demands of the marketplace, while at the same time building on the strengths of First Nations heritage and contribute to the lasting memory of our warriors. The Memorial Tipi will allow the University to showcase the achievements of the First Nations peoples as well as honouring our students in a building that acknowledges our past hero's and the sacrifices that our veterans have made to allow future generations to grow and prosper.

In response to a growing demand from students, faculty and private sector the First Nations University of Canada has followed up on a request coming from the veterans of our First Nation communities.  The veterans had requested some acknowledgement for the sacrifices they have made in the world conflicts, as they have made it possible for people to live and learn in a world free from oppression. The University anticipated the needs of the veterans and with support of the Board of Governors from the First Nations University of Canada decided to erect or complete the original plans of a pivotal glass tipi in the centre of the building.  For the purpose of enhance the atheistic appearance of the building and provide a facility to house public events but most importantly recognize and acknowledge the veteran in a way that will preserve their sacrifices and hard ship endured while away from home.



About the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority


Building & Enriching Communities

Throughout the year, the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority and its casinos support more than 500 organizations and events.  By embracing and implementing the teachings of our Elders, SIGA continues to foster its philanthropic commitment by giving back to its communities. This important aspiration is inherent in who they are as a First Nations organization. Through community relations "Sharing Success" initiatives, SIGA will continue to build and enrich communities in Saskatchewan and as a result, everyone will benefit.

SIGA looks for opportunities that:

  • Improve the quality of life for the socially, physically and economically disadvantaged;
  • Demonstrate positive strategic relationships; and
  • Demonstrate good corporate citizenship in the communities served by SIGA.

In 2007, Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority signed a Memorandum on Understanding, agreeing to provide sponsorship of $1.2-million to the First Nations University of Canada First Nations Veterans Memorial Peace Tipi Project.